Friday, September 21, 2007

your an infomercial or the crazy man who talks to himself on the street

you're an infomercial.

you ever go to the grocery and they gotta tv goin with sombody cookin a recipe....or late at nite you see this 15min commerciall that runs over and over all nite long?

this is how i thought of myself when i first went out on the sidewalk or in the door way.

5min show over and over like an infomecial or the crazy man who talks to himself on the street.

over and over 8-16 hrs a day over and over.

needless to say the act got pretty tight i could do it in my sleep.

sometimes nobody would stop sometimes they would over and over 5min show.

when people hear a script being recited they stop they know its pro they see improv the know its amatuer at best at worse possibly a con or a hustle.

if the people come late i simply stop and start over.

i kept doin this progressing from 5mins to 10 mins to 15 until i got to about 30min shows.