Friday, September 21, 2007

on the street you must deliver what you promise

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on the street you MUST deliver what you promise.

if your ballying [trying to stop a crowd] and you promise your gonna saw a lady in half, levitate or change a $1 bill into a $100 better do it.

you can not blow it off this will not work.

if you do not deliver its gonna cost you money and credability.

people are trying to avoid scams on the street.

now if your a salesman, not delivering can work in your favor, you can turn it into a humurous thing like,"yeh, kid don't believe everything you hear from a guy off the street selling you something." thats fine i know i used to do that when i was a pitchman. THIS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT...this is street performing.

this is something i had to learn the hard way going from pitching svengalis to street performing.

if you make big claims, you will get a big crowd, but if you don't deliver they won't donate to your cause because they feel like they got jipped.

you see the product was your show and it didn't do what the program said it would.

did houdini build interest with the promise of escapes and then only did card tricks after they paid? no he did escapes like he said he would.

in your bally they stopped to see one thing and and were forced to see something else.

no matter how good this something else is, it becomes less good. hurts your show and your hat.

i know, me and my street performer friends have tryed and failed...thats why some old street performer years ago said "you must deliver what you promise."

ask your self this why are you making a claim you won't keep? is it because you feel the tricks your gonna do arn't strong enough to stop them?

if you tell the people your going to change a $1 bill into a $100 do it!

as a magician you should be able to this.

if you don't deliver on the street, your hurting your own credability as a magician, an entertainer.....and worst of all, the rest of us.

understand this doesn't apply to a salesman....he can get away with it people know salesman will do any thing to sell their product.

and this is not a jab at don driver.

don's a genuis.

and has forgottin more about our art than i know.

in fact i think his famous bally could be a great street show if you did exacly what you claim to do in your show and for your see that would make it a magic show.

but i'd definately hat before the finale, cuz the people are probably not gonna wanna tip you if your standing there with all those hunskys in your hand....know what i mean?

if you don't know what i mean get familiar with his bally.