Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the job of the student

eric evans said,
"be a suitable student. For it is my belief that if you're a suitable student, the world working the way it does, a teacher/mentor will appear--its up to you as the student to see the opportunity and sieze it."

danny hustle said;

"I believe mentoring works. I also believe that you need to be a good student. The type of person who doesn't know what to take his hands off his ears and put them over his mouth should NEVER try and find a mentor. To be a good student you need to be humble, and know when to listen, even if deep down you might not agree with your teacher, right now. For a guy who grew up in the street and almost every person I grew up with now dead or in prison I can say in all honesty that the reason I am still here has been my ability to check my ego, shut up, and listen. You have to achieve a level of trust in your mentor that is wholly unnatural to most people. That mentor has the responsibility of never betraying that trust.

That being said, (and Jimmy will know what I am talking about) having a bad mentor can ruin you. You really need to know when it is time to cut the strings and follow a different path.

I am humbly thankful to all of the people that have mentored me in my lifetime, several of them are members of this very forum.

I should also like to give you my definition of what a mentor is. A mentor first is a friend, a true friend. This friend shares his faith, hope, and experience, with you because he has a great desire for no reason outside of his friendship to see you succeed. "

"Choose your mentors as wisely as they choose their students. "

one thing i'd like to add is that you need to take care of your teacher if he needs somethin get it for him cause if he's good its for your best interest.

if he's bad and you've helped him you've done it because your taking the high ground...and people see that.