Tuesday, September 25, 2007

how to get a teacher.

i always meet some guy with ego problems who thinks he's a renegade and who says,

"i don't have a teacher i don't need one, i invented everything i do, i'm just that good."

then he shows me his ambitious card routine, assuming i've never seen one before.

this happens alot.

once it even happenned with a scotch and soda, you know who you are!

so if you ain't gotta teacher here somes suggestions.

let magicians you respect know your looking for one.

find a guy who has a teacher or has had one. try and get him to teach you or get his teacher if you can.

masters are obligated to help if they see some one with, LEGITIMATE INTEREST AND TALENT.

that means you gotta nag day after day after day and you gotta be able to show him something,some thing good.

most masters are reluctant to be a teacher, thats how you spot one.

when you get a teacher, time to suck up pay attention and don't try and teach him because after awhile it will get on his nerves and he'll try and shed you.

if he needs some thing give it to him. you need to take care of your teachers.


if your some where this isn't possible buy tarbell vol. 1 devour the first few chapters about our tradition and then buy the rest as you go along.

if your renegade loner who doen't play well with others heres what sonny holliday did, he wanted to be the best in the world so he knew he'd have to find the best and learn from him because that would be the only person he respected, that was cellini.

you'll have to find who ever it is you respect for your type of work.