Friday, September 21, 2007

how to shop for magic.

when i shop for magic i go to juggling stores,walmart,hardware stores,sports supplies, marine and boat stores. the best place is mom and pop hardware shops.



like an idiot, in my life i've owned all that junk from a magic shop and the shop.and i learned it didn't do me a bit of good.


i don't use any of that stuff in my act nor do any pros that i know.[except for the silk vanish t.t. ]

so what i do is buy books and network with magicians and find out how to make stuff. if i can't make stuff i would go on buskerscafe and find a link for a comp. that makes this stuff.

but heres what most important;

i frequent walmart and hardware stores like lowes or home depot all the time looking at what they have in inventory so when i'm gonna put a trick or routine together i don't have to bother a senior magician for the parts or where to go.

you see this is an art, a craft, a lifes work.

gimmicks are a waste of time and money but they help you learn how magic works. if your using gimmicks in your show you should try and move twards not using the unless your disabled in some way.

magic shops with all their gimmicks are great for uncle louie who goes to family functions and shows of his hobby.

don't get me wrong there are pro shops like denny in baltimore who sell fakini and other stuff pros need and pro shops are the hardest for owners to keep open and should be used as much as possible lord knows they don't get enough business. hobbiests become frightened when they learn you have to use skill or wits or talent to do stuff in a pro shop...."wheres your scotch and sodas and i'd like to see a new packet trick please."

you'll know what kind of magic shop right away if you ask for a pouch and a set of street cups and they don't carry any but tell you the standard cups are good enough and you don't need a pouch.

i'll ramble for ever i'm sorry.