Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the magician's den.... your studio/library/office/work shop.

i remember the first time i saw one it was many many years ago.

it was doug conn's.

he had a display rack on the wall, with all the close up props he used, displayed.

his table was directly under it and it all looked like a minuature museum.

if you don't know what i'm talkin about....you should!

if your magician your supposed to have one.

its a space with a full a length mirror, your props, and all the things you need to practice and make your tricks... all your books are there.

you gotta phone in there to book your gigs...you know every thing for your work.

if your living by yourself in an apartment it could be the whole place.


where do street performers keep a den, if they are a homeless travelers?

in there pocket?

sort of, it gets broken up unless you got an rv.

most can fit in a van.

the mirror is the windows on the buildings. you practise outside.

if you have no van, its in your travel bag and rig and can be set up in the hotel room.

with no van the library is being recyled as you buy and read them, you exchange or just get rid of them and by new ones. you can carry the important ones...but you'll get sick of that.

there was a cool magicians den caught on film, in the illussionist. it was his WORK SHOP where he worked on his illussions can you remember it?, and he would practice in his theater.

i dunno anybody got any thoughts on this?