Friday, September 21, 2007

nobody minds till you start makin money

on a good pitch on the street you should be BIGGER THAN YOU ARE;

when your doin close up, do parlor.

when your doin parlor, do stage.

when your doin stage, do "oh my god thats huge."

reason bein, i think you should maximize your pitch for money, art, and sensation. they don't have any choice but to stare in awe and be involved. if you yell loud enough they'll stop.

when i work a sidewalk i'm doin a half circle show[parlor] i want to fill up that space. and give em a good show.

problem is of course cops and shops don't like that. but if they'll let me thats my job as a street perfrormer is to congest the area the cops job is to keep it moving and some where, in there, i we try and find a medium.


everybody's your friend and nobody minds till you start makin money.

i remember workin a pitch in atlantic city it was a legal pitch and the ripley's shop owner couldn't stop me from workin in the area. after a few words and a few weeks the manager came out one day and was just hangin out with me. he said "i work bell to bell every day, i'm the highest paid in here and on breaks i come out and watch you make in a couple of hrs what i make all day.. and more...i might as well come out here. why am i killin myself with this real job any way?you arn't even payin rent here!"

my response to that was,"hey i see a pattern emerging you?"

i told him he was welcome to come out and share a spot with me any time.