Tuesday, September 25, 2007

language barriers and comedy in different countries

when i was in spain i did a silent act and spanish act .

i was excited to see how my show would translate, i'm half hispanic.

silent and spanish paid @10 euros.

in english it paid 30-50 euros.

i watched the other acts the story was the same i was disappointed but i was doin shows in english for the remainder of my stay.

in fact i noticed other countries were alright with me doin my stuff in english.

you see over there they have a state launguage but they are educated enough to speak others.....i was embarassed i could only speak some spanish and some english.

with that, it is always a good idea to put some of thier language in your show to at least show your trying and as respect.

some times jokes didn't translate and i tryed new comedy that worked but it didn't work here when i tryed it here.

i noticed different cultures found different things funny.