Friday, September 21, 2007

interaction is over rated and over used.

interaction is over rated and over used.

and worse yet might just be the problem in your show that you couldn't quite put your finger on.

yeh! yeh! yeh! i know all the old timers told you to do it.

times have changed fellahs people are more uptight,kids don't play outside as much and what about these dorks who spend to much time on forums instead of going out and experiencing the real world.

please hear my case;

my wife and her sisters would never stop and watch a street performer they don't like confrontation or social surprises.

so when i started makin my show it was for those types of people, understand i already got those out going people to stop any time i want them.

so when i'm ballying i don't even look up or at the people i ignore them or act like i want privacy but these amazing things keep happening.

when i'm done with my bally routine i look up and surprised to see all the people and then i tell them reluctantly i will do a show for them.

another tactic i use is i act like i think i'm a big shot street performer proffessional.....but it becomes evident that i'm stupid,bad luck,or confused...what ever it is, i don't try and hide my frailtys i wear them on my shirt and people feel like i'm child like and harmless certainly making it hard to heckle me because i've done a sufficient job of that myself.

theres many of other tactics i use and others use.

point to be made, i can get old ladys to stop with no interaction.

familys, elderly, shy people, you know all the ones who wont stop for that magician guy hounding them to watch a magic trick.

i continue the show with out interaction, UNLESS i get a heckler then i blast him, bad, gazzo style, boom!

somebody walks through my show? boom! gazzo style, no mercy!

some body going behind me to try and catch some thing i'm doin?


talkin to his friend, "hur hur der, i know what he's doin he has a magnet under his skin...boom! i blast him into oblivion so he knows who's boss.

so basically the rule in my show is you can watch with no interaction, no confruntation, if you don't make trouble.

if you make trouble then your gonna be a guest star in my show which is bad! your gonna get sucked into my stupidity and they'll be laughin at you instead of me or some facsimile there of.

if i do any more interaction its small things usually w/kids and something they can't screw up like;

"hold the rope and pull it...pull it ...whats wrong with you? you go to public school or somethin?"

don't get me wrong, when i hat them i take the time to walk around and look em all in the eye and ask for money.

but most of the time in my show i never look them in the eye to long makes us both feel uncomfortable.

cellini yelled at me about it...said "i need to look at the people to touch em".

i told em it was because i didn't like the people.....but hey, its been workin for me.