Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my vision for buskers in the u.s.

i see a time when;

cities are proud of their buskers and advertise them in tourist info. to bring more prosperiety to the city. and other cities are lookin for away to get buskers for them selves

a city, a mall, or private business will pay you 50 a day to entertain and hat the people.

people walking down the street will see you from afar and say, "honey get the kids theres another one, he's a magician hurry up, before we miss something!"

kids start out their careers as entertainers, on the street, and are getting paid to practice enough to support themselves. and by the time they get older are working in great venues.

a time when;

you've made a carreer out of it and got a big house, nice cars, etc.

buskers turn down prepaid work cuz they can't afford the time off from busking the street or indoor venues.

big busker supply stores in every major city because busking is such a large industry.

where young guys say they're buskers to get girls, but who have never busked before.

a place where the girl isn't worried about dating a busker because he's a broke dreamer who couldn't provide for her.because it would be common knowledge that he could.


i'm dreaming?

i need medication

that will never happen?


its happening right now all over europe and different parts of the world....

infact some of these things are even happening here in the states with the top pros and festival workers.

but heres where i might be dreaming i'd want it here in the states in mass.

i want it all.

but i'd want the buskers to be good....no great.

instead of hearing,

"he's from europe and thats what they do there so he's gotta be good"


"oh that busker is from austalia so he's really good"


"he's from japan so he's gotta be good" i'd want people to say that about us.

and i believe thats why our tradition is so important. why we have to remember, why our tradition is important, so we don't suck.

i think pure talent can make this happen here.

after all we just gotta make people like us.

why ain't it like that here people are unfamiliar with us on the street.

instead they are familiar with crack head cons on the street.

or worse yet they are familiar with a street performer who was untalented, rude, and made a fool out of some one in a bad way.