Friday, September 21, 2007

it's about commitment and owning your own business

being a magician or busking or both is owning your own business, its better than a "real job"

its about being a fanatic.

its about believing in what you are doing, wether its a magic trick or your friggin life{cellini}.

its not about whining and bragging.

its not about doin it part time on the week ends any body can buy a magic set and do that.

its about taking a chance on you.

if your really that good at magic why arn't you doing it for a living?

instead of pushing those other products why not just push the most important product you and your show?

why are you making other people rich and famous?

we only live once and are judged after that for what we did.

...did you do your lifes work or did you do some one elses?

tyou need to support you your family freinds the dog what ever so figure it out.

booking festivals, great pitches, big hat show, company picnics what ever theres plenty of info out there.

check out

but...did you do your lifes work or did you do some one elses?