Wednesday, September 26, 2007

magic tricks with balls

i use large high bounce balls and a yellow lacrosse ball. in the video on youtube.

i've used every thing.

i'm always on the hunt.

in craft stores i've bought every size woodin balls and eggs and brought them home and painted them.

i've use all the different sizes to see what each can do for me. if their small i can steal 2 etc.

i go to novelty stores, i shop at loftus, any where, toys stores and i buy them and take them home.

fakini's are incredible sonny holliday uses these and mixes with various others balls he gets from toy shops or dollar stores.

the trick for me is to use the largest and brightest i can get away with, for maximum visual effect.

for wooden balls;

i've gone to the craft stores like "michael's" or "jo ann's" and bought every size they go by inches they have 1/4 in - 5 inch whats great is they mark the sizes so you know what your working with infact you can now judge what size other balls are, like rubber balls at the toy store that are'nt sized.

needless to say i have a lot of balls in fact my wife got me large bins to put them in because she didn't like find them laying around.

i wanted to work with every size to see which was best and how to work with other sizes i've painted them red and with diferent colors to "color change" or for surprise productions.

they're simple to paint just go to walmart and get "apple barrel" acrylic paint comes in a little bottle for @ $1the color is called bright red.

the little sponge brushes are 50 cents.