Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the secret of shy buskers and being in your own world

i've noticed shy people generally are really good at mechanics,sublties and manipulation.

not only that but they are sneeky.

my teacher is like this.

my teacher uses his shyness to his advantage he sucks people into his world. he lures them in when strange things start happenning to him[magic].

heres some tips and then i'll tell you the secret.

set up your pitch so your comfortable enough to be there all day.

lay a fat rope on the ground in a half circle to make your stage [see my posts on "rigs"]

use a sign that only says, "magic show". make sure it's written plain and not fancy, so its completely laedgable.

use lots of flash [stuff you lay out to draw people].

but if you do none of these things heres the secret;

when you work your doin it for you, NOT THEM!

heres the deal do your whole show wether they are watching you or not, because it doesn't matter, because the show is for you, NOT THEM!

you block em out! don't acknowledge them.

if and when you get a crowd acknowledge them in such a way that tells them they may watch you if they are nice. try and do this without telling them directly....or if your feeling confident go ahead and tell em.