Wednesday, September 26, 2007

this is why you need a teacher.

your gonna meet guys who tell you, "oh i don't have a teacher cuz i don't need one." don't believe this braggart, this is pure ego.

heres what happenned either they had a teacher who couldn't stand them or they are so full of themselves they think by denying their teacher and their peers that they'll stand out as the best.

but sadly for them this doesn't work. but they try for years some times.

these are the ones who stand on the backs of those they have forgotten....feel sorry for them.

but why do you need a teacher.

because being a magician is more then being an entertainer, a businessman, or a guy who does tricks. in fact those are things you should do after your a magician.

you need some one who's gonna teach you how to be a magician proper, and you need some one qualified who understands just exactly what it is to be a magician proper.

and finally if you want to be the best, you need to know who it is, you need to be better than
[even tho you may never be able to be better then the mentor but at least you'll know the right direction]

if your saying well thats why i went to the street to get away from the rules, i hate to break it to you but this started in the street first then when indoors.

you see nobodys tell you, you have to do any thing we're just saying its nature.

you stop breathing if you want to, but its gonna make life harder.

if you can't find a teacher right now you should at least buy

"the tarbel course in magic volume #1"

and read the first few chapters especially the one on secrets and history.