Tuesday, September 25, 2007

what are some good sidewalk rigs to get started?

heres some rig ideas.

doctors bag or tool bag that opens like a doctors bag.

20 ft. of heavy THICK but soft nylon rope so the wind can't blow it.

sign that ONLY SAYS just 2 words only nothing else! just the words in black and white real big and plain not fancy.....MAGIC SHOW....but no other words. the sign should fit in your bag without folding and should have velcro on the back and velcro on the bag so that it will stick to the side of the bag. you can make it out of poster board clear tape and a black felt marker.

sign unnecessary out side of U.S.

a 11- 12 inch drum stick saw of sharp end so it looks like an unpainted wand. this is your noise maker,slight prop,and may have to go into the ribs of a violent aggressive person....you know your magic wand.

so theres your flash {stuff to make the people interested and mark your territory}

sidewalk routine suggestion;

silk vanish

coins and jumbo

deck of cards

rope trick like professors nitemare or some rope work as a finale to your little 8-10 min act.

what ever tricks you decide the real trick is.

don't bring any thing but whats in your show.

not extra tricks, not nothing.

in reality you don't even need that flash, no bag, no nothin, just keep those things in your pocket and stop out on a sidewalk and go to work.

oh and by the way don't bring any other tricks but whats in your show every time you perform it. and yes i know i said that all ready but this is the hardest for a magician to understand about street performing...pack small play big...not pack rat just to be sure.

remember at first your tryin to learn a set show, not trying to amaze them. you need to rely on the set show to get good enough to do its job on its own.

if you got a table;

silk vanish

coins or cards

cups and balls.

if your not doin cups and balls ask yourself why in gods name am i draggin this table around all the time when all i'd have to do is improvise like a real entertainer.

you really only need a table for the cups and there is cellini students in switzerland right now who do it on the ground....not to mention india.where they street performed for thousands of years.

and what other entertainers in show business use a table and how about t.v. magicians do they use one?