Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fighting over a pitch and pitch "owners"

i heard cellinin say once, never fight over a pitch.

lord knows i've tried.

but some times you know !@#$%^&*!

i've had guys set up on top of me, during a show.

i've rolled into town where theres only one pitch and i'm out of money.
and that guy keeps saying "this is my spot, i've been here for 55 years blah blah blah crack head."

or how about that guy that sees you work a pitch that you pioneered and the next day, there he is bright and early and he sits on it all day.

worse yet he's makin small hats because he's got no talent.

so the question begs to be answered what do we do?


usually i bitch alot, but some times i piss and moan.

cellini's got a horror storie about a guy who would sneek up behind you with a brick in the middle of your show and crack you if you were in his spot. i wont ruin the story read it [dreamers highway]