Wednesday, September 26, 2007

going from a "real job" to your "lifes work", how to make the leap?

this is the scariest.

and everyone you know is against it.

"toot" told me years ago he saw sheridan working new york and he watched him over and over on breaks from his job..til one day he decided thats what he was gonna do with his life, the problem was he knew very little magic.

what did he do?

he went home to his roommate and told em the situation.

he suggested to the room mate that he should sponsor him for a few him.

the roommate agreed if he would support the roommate for the three months after that.

so toot worked 8-16 hrs a day to learn.

ate, breathed, and crapped, street performing.

he was in a hurry cuz he knew 3 months flys by.

he did it, and the rest is history.

your gonna need time to go to school....the school of street performing.

and your gonna need 100% focus to save time.

will everything work

will your wife and family get angry....yes, they already do.

will she leave you?

in this country the odds are good she will, so be careful, DON'T TAKE HER FOR GRANTED AND ASSUME EVERY THINGS FINE,time to pay attention to your marriage. make sure she feels secure. and prove to her she is.

people will tell you they're supportive and they arn't, why?

not because they are bad people, its because they know you....your an artest and you got problems. face it, learn to embrace it, things will go along smoother.

your not normal, your here reading this!

your smart, too smart thats the problem. wake up! this is a bad thing! you'd be better off if you could be content working a brain dead job that pays.

when should you take this time off and make the leap?

the key is to not put it off.

i would suggest, just before the beginning of the season[summer months].better hats.

3 months might not be long enough it took me almost a year.

and you might want to practice through winter to be ready for summer.

why so long? need street[stage] time under your belt need a show that pays need to know how to find pitches to do that show.

i've heard some great success stories from a bunch of guys over the years so i know their out there.

kozmo got a great one.

if you make the leap DON'T PANIC! YOU'RE GOING TO BE MAKING MONEY THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT! friend dante told me this just before i went to europe the first time...i was terrified but this calmed me down and it turned out to be true.