Tuesday, September 25, 2007

escape money and a floater.

this is only food for thought.

if your stuck some where, your roomates throw you out, you get in trouble with law, you get hurt, you get so crapped out you can't work and you need a break,somthin, somthin, what ever.

you need to have "escape money".

now a "floater" is this thing i heard about in europe. its a bank account with @ 10 grand in it, so you can take winters off if you want to.

now i understand most of us don't have that kinda money...it's just food for thought

the trick to both of these is never use a "real job" to make these.

you should get used to having your security in street performing.

you should be relying on street performing to take care of you.

by preparing with a real job, in your head, when times get rough you'll want to turn back to the real job.

like my friend george gilbert says friends are super important in your life as a busker but if you can become independant i think you should.