Friday, September 21, 2007

who's doin who a favor? stoppin a crowd.

the most popular method of stopping people i've seen is to hound every single passer by till somebody stops.then do a show and hat em. start over and start hounding em again.[mostly sidewalk guys].

this works.

this works good.

but i don't do it.

i have a different approach i do big flashy tricks or sight gags or just act so stupid that people stop in disbelief that any one could be so stupid.

i make a specktacle out of myself.

i got this from workin new orleans where they just wont stop because they think its a scam or theres somethin better around the corner they have to see. also from european performers.

understand this method is weak on a slow pitch with little walkers.

so why do i do it?

heres the deal, if i hound em they are only staying as a favor to me so when they saw a trick they did their favor and they don't feel the obligation to tip. now i realize its not that cut and dry but i'm moving to a point here.

if they stopped cuz they saw something they were interested in they're anchored and they feel like i'm doin them a favor and they need to repay me by not heckling,participating, defending me, and most importantly paying me at the end, its the least they could do!

how do i get em in without askin them for a favor?

i tell em if they want to see the stuff i'm gonna be doin they can't see it from far away and they'll have to come in closer and then i begin to sound irratated and i urge them to hurry "cuz i'm not doin this stuff again!"

leaving them still in debt.

i prefer having this kind of show theres no pressure.

if i hounded them there leaving me under the pretense that i stopped them from that very important what ever they were doin to show them this thing nobody wants to see yak yak yak they're rushing me,they're critical and if i'm lucky this is worth a dollar its not until they crowd shows up that i got any hold.

they stopped because it was their idea not mine they saw something that they wanted to see not what i wanted to show them. it was all them infact to incurage this i do a big sight gag and tell the people to move along theres nothing to see here as if i don't want them watching it.......

ever try tipping a secret to another magician in public you can't beat the crowd of with a stick, but when you say "all alright i'll do a trick for you" they all scatter like rats from a sinking ship [i got that line from koz]