Tuesday, September 25, 2007

what size show fits best

when i started learning to busk my friend dante in new orleans was showing me the ropes. he had a large circle show.

i asked dante the question what size show is best.

he told me he likes 45 min circle shows, cuz you only have to build a crowd every 45 mins. not every 8mins.

so whats better?

$- well if your all about the money i would say, definately go do a CIRCLE SHOW [30-45mins.] or be a juggler or a break dancer instead of a magi....no better yet just sell time shares. i think you can see the direction there.

if you want to avoid regulation and be stealthy without carrying a bunch of stuff and if you want the ability to work anywhere any time that would be a SIDEWALK SHOW or a DOORWAY ACT [8-10mins].....

but be prepared to do shows all day back to back, grinding out less in money then those circle acts at the end of the day.

if you want the ability to do both and make mediocre hats do a parlor or half circle show [15-25mins]

and this might leave you confused on your structure and leaves you feeling how good it could be but it always just seems out of reach....sort of the middle class of the these 3. and your still making less at the end of the day then those full circle acts. this happens to be where i'm at, half circle shows and i'm completely unsatisfied.

i wanna go full circle but its hard to find pitches unless i go legit [gad forbid] i don't like regulation.

funny enough this is why dante got out of street performing and went to underground cabaret.

he was sick of walking down the street and people telling him not to set up around them.