Friday, September 21, 2007

rotation show or trickle show

what am i talkin about?

what is a rotation show?

its a show where you do a routine and at the end tell the people;

"if your waitin for the end of the show it ain't commin, i do this all day long over and over if you liked any thing you saw please put some money in the bag on the ground."

then you do a different routine and at the end of that one, you repeat;

"if your waitin for the end of the show......etc."

i think its best for a sidewalk and helps you get your routines tighter as you learn the order of your new show.

it also helps you understand which routines have the best effect on the people.

it's also a great way to keep a crowd all day on a pitch if your on a slow pitch.

some people call it a walk and pitch cuz people walk by watch a little and pitch money in.

this is not the strongest method of hatting.


i think its a great way to make money while you practice and will take away from the monotany of doin your same show over and over.

be warned this is more for the art or show part of your show, in my opinion this is not a big money maker.

i feel your loosing a little money while you do this....but it could pay off in the end by improving your show.

it also comes in handy in a pinch if your on a dead pitch or your dealing with people with no energy.