Tuesday, September 25, 2007

when you speak, speak very loud, use volume.

the biggest problem i've seen is that people with the best skills are too quiet and people with the worst skills have the biggest mouths.

ideally you should have the best skills with the biggest mouth.

if you can't be loud learn a silent act with alot of energy or costume or both.

this is a flesh issue....you need flash or they don't stop.

when you talk to the peopl talk past the people infront of you and direct your conversation to the person accross the sreet or a half block down...remember your trying to build a crowd.

don't worry about what your saying so much, just say it loud it should be comming from your gut or your gonna go hoarse by the end of the day.

your not necessarily yelling your talkin so the person far away can hear.

i'll be writing about the secrets of shy and withdrawn entertainers later.

here's what curtis frye had to say about it;

"It's hard to explain in print, but here goes. Take in a nice, deep breath through your nose, slightly tense your top-most ab muscles, look at someone you want to hear you, and start talking. Watch that person to see if they can hear you."

"You get louder by pushing more air past your vocal cords, but not by yelling. When you yell, you straighten up and push from your throat, which means you'll go hoarse in no time. When you support your voice with your stomach muscles (actually your diaphragm) and let the air out slowly, you can speak from your chest with a relaxed throat and let everything come out naturally."

"In _The Amateur Magician's Handbook_, Henry Hay recommends trading a show for voice lessons. I think that's great advice."