Tuesday, September 25, 2007

stop a child stop the world [cellini]

cellini is famous for this saying.

yet i always hear these hacks [who do 1 corprate show in 4 months]say "oh, i don't do kids shows"

well guess what neither do we, thats not the point.

this the same problem i've talking about in all my posts, alot of magi are not flexable enough or a stong enough performers to perform for all crowds at the same time. but instead of admitting this they say "oh, i'm better then that".......misguided ego .

if a child is watching you, no one is afraid of you and most will think its indearing and will stop.

without a child your scary, creepy,insane or boring, and very few will just stop and give you a chance. remember you want as big a crowd as you can get.

a hobbiest says "i don't do kid shows"

a pro says "i do shows"

wanna work every day doin what you love, get over it!

the hobbiest is a dreamer but he doesn't live the dream the pro does