Tuesday, September 25, 2007

stop using filler in your show, only use the best material

i learned this from sonny holliday.

he's a brutal guy and people are scared of him and sometimes thats why they stay[their scared to leave] but most of the time they're mesmerized by his work even if some of them don't like his character they watch in awe.

his patter works the same way only the strongest.

if your a beginner this is gonna be tough.

this is gonna take a while.

but after you got some street time under your belt remember,

by using "filler tricks" your wearing your weakness on your shirt.

sonny holliday said,

"i only use tricks that get the biggest impact, so my routines are these tricks put in a special order."

unfortunately he was only interested in learning one of my tricks!

if you do a trick and you get a huge reaction or a stunned look from the reaction thats the trick you save.

after you have a collection, put em together and now you got a proper routine.

go from there.

this goes for tricks,lines,jokes,costume,equipment, or what ever.