Friday, September 21, 2007

you hafta play with the people, you're only playing

"you hafta play w/the people,your only playing"

this was told to me by a guy named pepe in covent garden [london].

he got the largest crowds i've ever seen. he does sort of a walk behind mime act..incredible.

one day he saw my silent act and offered instruction for me.the other guys told me this was a huge honor and i knew it so i took it.

i met him the next day and he started teaching about silent character and behavior. it was really hard.

i was having problems grasping concepts and thats when he said it... and a great big bell went off in my head.

we are out there because we want to play and they want to play also and the best work is gonna come out when you have more heads workin together on how to have a good time.

theres so many interpretations for this and they all seem to be good.

especally if you like interaction. i don't too much but its always gonna happen in a street show, and i thought i should mention it because it did so much for me and my show.