Monday, March 25, 2013


there's two commercials then the blog starts. one for my book and one for our new buskers site where the whole society du magis hangs out.

after that the blog begins, be sure and click all the months on the left for more articles.

The book is called;


here's the publishers site for the book;
if you go to the site they tell the price and give you a 20 page sample and the publishers forward.

here's a video commercial clip.


the site is mostly for small acts busking for a living, but doing it because they love it first.

it´s not just magicians.

it´s any act;

musicians, clowns, mimes, balloons, jugglers, stautues,etc.etc.

the site is being designed to teach how to become and master the sidewalk.

this winter we will be filling it up with celebs and articles.

so if you would like to talk to some of the sidewalk performers you have heard of or get news about them please log on to the site.

it has it´s own forum and links to other important educational busking sites.

here´s the link;

sign up for the forum, all your favorite buskers go there and gab and teach and learn.


one time,

some giant angry man broke through my audience and stormed through my show and broke out through the other side.

.....of course I said something.

something really bad about him.

unfortunately he heard me and broke back into the crowd,

so I screamed and ran,

thankfully he chased me.

around and around we went, weaving in and out of the audience, he almost caught me so I hid behind a fat old lady and kept dodging him back and forth by using her as a shield.

he backed up into the middle of the show cussing at me.

I was in the audience behind the lady and he was in the middle of a circle of about 300 people when he realized where he was and froze up silent and still.

only swaying a little bit, like a flower in the wind....beautiful.

beautiful, because I realized he had stage fright.

and he had it bad.

so I went out marching at him with my chest out lookin like a braggart.

I walk up about 3 feet from him and in a loud voice said, "alright you! ready to settle down and get into the audience where you belong?"

he said, "yeah, ok."

I pointed at the audience and he ran into his new place with them.

shortly after, some other guy was heckling me and I said, "look mister you don't wanna play with me, you see that big guy right there, he's my friend and if you mess with me he's gonna mess with you."

and my new giant friend told the heckler, "yep..don't make me come over there."

you see he was good at thumping people, and I was good at what I did, and by respecting and bring attention his abilities I made a friend.

i think, in a busking show you should always be building a crowd from the beginning of your show to the end.


usually when I get a heckle, I look at the guy and tell him, "I know what i'm doin....i'm not stupid!"

if he persists I just begin agreeing with him and start relating to him using very backward reasoning until he realizes what he has gottin himself into.

which of course, is that it has become a 2 man clown act and I have made him the leader and my new inspiration.

this leaves him trying to figure a way out of the mess and give me back the show as quick as he can.

sometimes they are really smart and will become submissive to my childish commands.....sort of like when the whole village pretends that the village idiot is the mayor or head of town council or chief of police.

one time this didn't work, because I was dealing with a serious bubba redneck in new Orleans who out stupided me and was relating to me as a peer.

this scared me, because I realized he was a real idiot and had a natural unlimited arsenal of god given material over me.

so, I became submissive, to show him I respected him as an authority.

I let him say his peace, I waited for the audience to settled down, then I waited till he was looking around wondering why everyone had been laughing.......

then I noticed his powers were weak, because he was thinking.

seeing he was vulnerable like the last crippled deer running behind the herd , i pounced like a wild cat!

looking very frustrated, I said,

"LOOK! there's only room for one idiot on this corner...and that's ME! you need to go down the way and find your own!"

he said, "ok"

after he walked down the way (looking for a corner I guess), I had to wait for the audience to settle down again before I could finish the show.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


biggest thing to happen to me as a street guy.

for the first time in my life i was judged by my skills as a street guy and not by how good of a festival show i did.

which was good for me and Gary Animal (who won the best comedy award), because we were workin from our pockets with no sound equipment nothin!

infact it was difficult for me to get rigged up with a mic for the gala appearance on stage, because i was doing tricks that use my mouth and a lot of body and clothes action.

there were acts ten times better then me for the festival, but they judged me on my street skills.

the others were;

1. prize 2012: Ted McKoy (Scottland), 3. prize: Brando y Silvana (Argentina).

and let me tell ya there was no way i stood a chance against ted, this guy worked with cellini on the road and completely mesmerizes his audience...he was funny, but this was no question a magic act. he's an older guy and he has serious powers over the audiences suspence of belief.

He did simple, small, and mostly original tricks done big and impecably. it was a huge honor to work with this master, definately one of the last of the old me chills, just thinkin about it.

this festival was the single most important thing to me. the past line up for this festival was real street guys, all the masters. i had absolutely no intention of winning any prize i just wanted to hold my own. infact when gary animal told me i had won 2nd just before i went up on stage for the gala i thought he was tryin to pull my leg so i'd botch it, (me and gary had become good friends at the festival and were jokers).

after my gala performance i almost broke down emotionally infront of the audience thanking them for welcoming me to the festival and all it meant to me.......they thought i knew i had won, but it was anounced in german so it wasn't later till i had figured out that i was a winner.

the photo of me is at the gala.

throughout the festival i worked around the town streets.

there's a bunch of photos and stuff of it on my facebook.

the gala is a last chance time for the people of st. wendel to see a little bit of what the international performers can do, and it's the place where they announce the winners.

Monday, October 10, 2011


me and Sonny are gonna be in workin sidewalks in vegas.


the great master Sonny Holliday will be workin next week, on the greatest show business sidewalks in this country,

since we're gonna be in town for our lecture at denny's in vegas, we're gonna be workin the sidewalks in vegas, so if y'all wanna give us a holler or watch our shows while we're out buskin come on down.

if your a big Sonny fan this is a once inna life time thing.

just went and checked it out and vegas is the sidewalk performers dream....miles of very very small sidewalk pitches only large enough for doorway acts with thousands of people walkin by.

i have been donating my fees,hotel pay, and now, any unsold inventory, to denny to show my support for his new free magic school he's putin together.

i'll be writing an artical about this monumental school later.

things are looking up for the beginner who doesn't have the funds to start their new life in magic.

Sonny has agreed to do a show and answer questions at the lecture.

this is big.


Thursday, September 22, 2011



i'm actually gonna take off to do a lecture. i make my sole living on the street.

i work every day of my life.

but after meeting Denny at denny and lee's magic shop.

i realized that i needed to get over my hang ups about bein around the magic clubs.

denny is the real thing, he's the old school.

he has what john rachenbaumer has called the last real magic shop in the u.s.

and it is said that Teller loves to get lost in denny's library.

this is a shop for pros this, is where we get our stuff.

the difference is denny is a retired performer who had a huge successfull career and will now teach to who ever will listen the real truth about what we proffessional magicians do.

it took a guy like denny to get me to do a lecture. so i am asking all my friends that can, to go, and also, all those close up magicians looking for a venue and a career to come and see what magic used to be and could still be again if we support folks like denny.

here's the info;


also i will be doing my show and hatting the crowd in the lecture hall.

i have books and the brand new dvd that every one has been waiting for.

also i wll be in vegas speaking at jeff mcbrides school of busking oct 7,8,9th and may do one last lecture in the states in vegas.

if you wanna teacher this is opportunity.

here's denny's site;

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


it should be understood i am not calling myself a master by any

but this artical is good as a goal to try and be one..........

any shmuck can get an amp a table and two generic tricks and clap and cheer an audience into paying a big hat.

believe me, i've done it many times.

it's even easier to just clone a show that works.

they can do this and call themselves a magician and if they make enough money the "magic community" will follow them around and honor them like lap dogs hoping for crumbs to fill their egos.

but this don't make it true.

the fact's difficult to be a real magician.

first off, you have to be one.

no really.

and being one has a whole lot more to do than just having chops. skills alone don't make a magician.

how are you gonna convince laymen your a magician if you don't believe it?

second, you have to just suck it up and embrace the fact that you are one.

and stop trying to be something you're not, to "please" the people around you.

you're not doing any one any favors.

third, you have to devote your life to it.

being a magician is a state of mind, life style, a practice, and a real person.

being a magician is a like a disease, the victim can't be anything else.

it literally consumes him.

i believe we were born this way.

i believe merlin was from the same stock as us.....only better.

ask yourself, if there was such a thing as a real magician, what would he do for a living?

what would he look like?

what and where would he eat?

how would he commute?

the fact is a magician is a wise man, worldly, theatrical, eccentric, with extensive knowledege of the sciences, the occult, spiritual, supernatural, and bizaar things.

he is a master of ESP and psycology. he can conjure with his hands and if he's any good no one will know this.

society relys on him to entertain, educate, give hope, and protect them from charlatains.

and to fill in many other holes that the modern world just can't fill.

being a magician is a lot bigger than all the things i've listed here, but i am limited in space and in time.

the point is, to try and master this takes commitment and disipline....even if you were born one.

any body can buy a gimmick, but in the hands of a magician it becomes real.

because to him it's not a sneaky trick to decieve people, it's an ancient real magic device to make stuff appear and vanish etc. it's a tool to make magic happen.

it's real.

an amatuer or a layman can't grasp this, they think magic is a trick and or superstition....they don't really understand that magic is a real thing.

whether it's trickery, illusion, or assumption, is irrelevant....we're talking about magic remember, not empirical science, different subject.

is a nightmare any less frightning, because it happened in a dream?

is a movie really not real...than what were you doing for two hours at that theater?

movies, books, and other art forms are real. they time travel and create real moments and dramatically change the world.

this is why real magicians are artists, - NOT craftsmen.

a carpenter can make a chair, but an artist creates one....this is harder., when your out there on the street representing us magicians remember this.

i know it's easier to just listen to those "get rich quick" buskers who call themselves craftsmen, who tell you to forget about magic.

they'll tell you to just clap and cheer them and stay focused on the money and treat it like a sales presentation.

they will tell you people like sheridan or cellini's style wont work now...but just remember sheridan and cellini and the many other masters could do it because they had talent and didn't need to rely on cheap gimmicks or extortion to make their living, they didn't have to.

their work spoke for itself and got the people to stop, stay, and pay.

there are plenty of performers doing creative quality shows out there right now, making a great's just harder that's all.

try and remember who we are and how we represent ourselves and our art.

don't sell out, show a little dignity.

after all the streets are an escape from conforming to the business machine....don't make them the same nightmare we ran away from in the first place.