Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the job of the teacher

i'm not gonna get this one completely right i know, so if theres input from experinced teachers even better.

before one can be a teacher one MUST BE QUALIFIED TO TEACH.

the job of the teacher is to;

1.make the student better then him.
[even if it means holding back information]

2.to be loyal to the student in all things.

3.to be patient.

4.to teach the student the traditions of magic[keeping secrets,science, and respect for better magicians etc.]

5.provide a venue for the student to work.

and heres an important one, there is two prominant methods of instruction,

one is to tear down the student in an attempt to chalenge him. i think this is destructive.

the other is,

to build him up like he's a superman and the student will just assume he can do any thing....this is the method i think is best as long as you arn't afraid to give him honest criticism when its needed.

theres a bunch more i know these just stick out in my head right now.