Friday, September 21, 2007

color,sound,movement, and break the ceiling-cellini

this i learned from cellini and sonny holliday.

4 things stop people.

color, sound, movement, and breaking the ceiling.

you should be using all of these to build a crowd or more importantly TO HOLD ONE.


pace the full edge back and forth from one side to the other don't be timid.

put your arms in the air [breaking the ceiling]and yell,"watch this"

use what your wearing as props for movement.

bang a stick on the ground, a drum, a cow bell.

have a sign....wave it around.

pace, rant, and rave.

bang a pot.

be annoying.

if you see some one leaving....START PACING and bang your stick honk your horn and watch them walk right back.

create these nervous habits its more interesting believe me