Tuesday, September 25, 2007

working a slow pitch

if your sitting on a spot and there is nobody walking by you, you wanna ask yourself;

"do i have a DAMNED GOOD REASON for working here, instead of a good spot where i know theres alot of foot traffic and money, like quincy market in boston or a buskers festival or what ever.

now unfortunately we've all had those momments in our lives where YES WE DO HAVE A DAMNED GOOD REASON.

case in point i'm in san diego cuz i hafta be here to see my kids.

and there are many more reasons and you all know them.

anyway, what do you do?

first of all make sure your on the best pitch in the town.

secondly change your state of mind about the spot don't expect alot and know you have to roll up your sleeves and go to work. your gonna need to do hours if you wanna make money to leave or what ever. this a job remember.

thirdly be prepared to work all day and into the late nite so you can figure out when the best times are to work this pitch. so you can make a schedual for yourself, this is if you gotta stay in the town for a long time.

and fourth a bad spot is the perfect place to tighten your act. just keep doin it over and over wether they watch you or not. what difference does it make if your forced to be there any way.

when i was in europe people would ask me why i worked so many hours and this is why.

[in europe theres less bad spots]

when the european buskers would come here they'd ask me "why do the people walk by disinterested?"

i believe, if you can make it on a bad spot in america you can make it any where.

but for gads sakes if you can leave....leave!