Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a busker must travel to be great

a busker must travel to be great.

ooooh,this one always hits a nerve.

the theory on this one covers vast territory and before you make a snap judgement, think it out.

heres a few but not all to ponder.

1. your show needs fresh faces in the audience all the time to make money and get fresh feed back.

2.every pitch is different and has to be learned which gives you serious experience and makes your show air tight.

3.travelling gets you around other performers and shows and teaches you new stuff for your show.

4.A PROPHET IS NEVER ACCEPTED IN HIS OWN NATION. as magi we are supposed to be mysterious and unfamiliar in our ways, exotic if you will.

ever wonder why nick nicholis is in australia


cellini in switzerland.


gazzo in the u.s.

ever think about it?

with all that said.

my friend patrick has found a spot that he has worked for many years he's home steaded and has supported his family with busking.