Friday, September 21, 2007

intro repeat routine to crowd build

intro repeat routine to crowd build.

the idea is to to intro your show and educate the people to what your about to do.

you see sonny holliday doin it in the cellini dvd...."let me tell you what the 8 mins. consists of one card"

a good idea is to have the propes out infront of you and point to each as you talk about whaty your gonna do.

i think it is very important to be doing a visual effect over and over while your talking about your show so the patter for the trick is your intro not the actual patter for the trick.

i've seen alot of guys do the silk vanish over and over not even looking at it while they talk about the show they are about to do.

you should keep rotating the intro when your done if you don't have a big enough crowd start over thats why its important to have a trick you can do over and over.

some times i do a silent mime/magic routine as an intro and repeat till the crowd gets big enough.


i do the flip routine and my entro goes like this;

"if you were out here 50 60 years ago this is smething you might have seen, i'm a sidewalk performer...and i know its true cuz my grandfather taught me how, i don't use trick stuff like those guys on t.v. cuz i ain't gotta milliom dollars its my hands i brought em all the way from new orleans to show em to you, i'll show em to you,you tell me what you think.........etc.

all this is before and seperate from your show[but you may wanna pull it together later].