Friday, September 21, 2007

the hat is the finale

i've always been battling with a finale because i don't do the cups and balls.

i did cups and balls in the begining, but i wanted to free my self from the table and yet i still wanted a stand up act in case i went into cabaret with my show for a gig or something.

when i was learning busking in new orleans i followed Studini [ an old pro] around for a few days and he wouldn't teach me anything to my frustration, till one day i asked him what i should do as a finale and he said, "well the hat is the finale...isn't it?"

i went back and remembered cellini ending on the slidini rope for his sidewalk show and i tryed finaleing on any routine i had and it they all worked and then it dawned on me, that a show can just end it doesn't need a big ending.....and that was liberating.

i think a show should build to the hat.