Saturday, November 19, 2022


 I have just started a free newsletter that I think you will love. 

It's over at Substack, an awsome site that does everything, I love it, and I think you will too, just CLICK HERE to get to it.

It's going to be my new home base, I'm combining all my content on that one site, so go over and look around at what I put up so far and sign up and get all my latest articles and updates in your email free.

Also I gotta Buy Me A Coffee so you can go make a donation, and sign up for free stuff and discounts.

You may have heard about my fund raiser for my van.

Well, we are half way there, I'm almost out of the hole, please don't forget me. I want to thank everyone so far that has helped me out. I have been able to get medical attention, pay off outstanding bills  and pay off most of the old wrecked van. I just need to pay off the remainder of the old van and go shopping for a new used van.

I'm hoping for this soon, I want to be able to travel again to good spots and get my family back up on our feet.