Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Elusive Him. And Our Mysterious Craft.

A Sidewalk Magician's Character And Show Construction Manual.
by Jimmy Talksalot
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Who is The Elusive Him?
He is the Character of your show who lives inside of you and your show, and he is just waiting to be discovered by you and the public.

What is Our Mysterious Craft?
It is how Magicians throughout time have constructed their Shows, their Magic, and their Stories.

In my opinion, this book, The Elusive Him is the most important book I have ever written.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Original Shows, Canned Shows, Local Shows, Universal Shows, And Finding Your Character.

The streets are a tough place and it will take a strong show character to be able to handle all the complex problems that arise out there. Over the years I have looked over the landscape of busking theories, of which it seems every busker has one, myself included.

And over this huge landscape I have only seen tap dancing around this subject, so in this article today I thought I would drag out the elephant in the room and talk about the pros and cons of canned shows, self written shows, and which is easier for character development and handling street problems. I will also be talking about building shows for world travel or for local use.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

2011 Lecture Notes Re-Release.

The Jimmy Talksalot Study Guide.
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For The Close Up Magician On The Sidewalk.
Also With Featured Articles By Eric Evans And Kris Bentz

Re-Release Of My 2011 Lecture Notes- $20 
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Friday, June 1, 2018

Getting A Raise At Your Busking Job.

How does a Busker get a raise at his job?

That sounds crazy, right?

That only sounds crazy if your not a Pro.
Today we will be talking about how a new guy can increase his pay everyday. If you want to know how the Pros are staying alive busking full time, you will need to understand the relationship we have with our shows, as our bread winners, and the basics of how we put them together and adjust them, to win our bread.

A Pro knows how to control his income by adjusting his show.