Monday, October 10, 2011


me and Sonny are gonna be in workin sidewalks in vegas.


the great master Sonny Holliday will be workin next week, on the greatest show business sidewalks in this country,

since we're gonna be in town for our lecture at denny's in vegas, we're gonna be workin the sidewalks in vegas, so if y'all wanna give us a holler or watch our shows while we're out buskin come on down.

if your a big Sonny fan this is a once inna life time thing.

just went and checked it out and vegas is the sidewalk performers dream....miles of very very small sidewalk pitches only large enough for doorway acts with thousands of people walkin by.

i have been donating my fees,hotel pay, and now, any unsold inventory, to denny to show my support for his new free magic school he's putin together.

i'll be writing an artical about this monumental school later.

things are looking up for the beginner who doesn't have the funds to start their new life in magic.

Sonny has agreed to do a show and answer questions at the lecture.

this is big.