Tuesday, September 8, 2009


welp this one has been a long time comming;

some of the least known things about the buskers's life is that it requires 3 very important things; a work ethic, a frugal and practical disipline, and a keen sense of survival.

read that again and notice the order.

some begginers have a miss conception of busking as a lifestyle.

the first thing of course one should understand is that it is a career.


But here's the most important thing,

if your a yuppie who keeps up with the jones's you are going to be fighting an up hill battle as a busker, i don't care how big you think your hats are.

one of the biggest problems with us americans today, is that we forgot how we built this empire, starting from lets say the 30's we began as a hard working class majority of people who moved where the work was,

then some how we went to be a self centered, spoiled, stagnant bunch who expects everything without working for it........

well my friends, reality is crawling up our chests, right into our faces with the state of our country.

we are finacially and morally bankrupt.....we forgot some things that our ancestors taught us.

the point is that most full time buskers are working class people, certainly the beginners. in order to make your new career work you will need to be frugal and practical, you will need to submit to the idea that you will have to go to where ever the work is best and work many, MANY, MANY, HOURS.

granted as buskers we live pretty well, especially if we are single, but some times..times can be slim.

those who have been doing it for years know that keeping up with the jones is not compatible with what we are doing.

example; most of us with families will go to a pitch for the season and stay and work it to death until it is milked dry and then move on to greener pastures, sending money home in bulk every morning. some of us who are more frugal,
will sleep in our vehicals and get a room every couple of nights. some of us will go in with many other buskers on a cheap apartment for the season and bunk there and eat in......sending money home every morning.

many of us travel the world, working on our careers and supporting a life at the home front.

basically we are blue collar workers in tux shirts.

we are not talking about rich or poor...because every wealthy wise man knows fortunes need to be earned.

of course this artical here is going to get many interpetations from every different person reading it, but one thing that should be understood is that busking full time as a sole means of income is a unique lifestyle and one will have to learn how to adjust, through research and a willingness to change ones predjudice.