Wednesday, September 1, 2021



-backstage thrillers.

The Noble Vagrant is glimpses into my life. I believe it tells the story of who I am, what I do, and why I do it. The story takes place on sidewalks around the U.S. and Europe. There is a certain dignity found in the stories, but the book as a whole certainly does not glamorize the streets in any way. Because it is the real story of the life on the streets as a small time sidewalk performer.
Along with the stories, it has my views on Art, Religion, Politics, and Street Dues. 

I believe the opinions of people who make their way on the streets, is sorely lacking in literature. Which seems ironic to me, because in democracies around the world, governments and revolutionaries are always spouting off, this or that, in the name of the poor people, but when it comes right down to it, they never really represent our real opinions at all. Our views have always been twisted to fit the inhuman narratives of various political parties. 

In the book you will read about buskers paying their dues, in fact the book is dedicated to the two students who paid more than myself. These students are my pride, due to their commitment and originality.

I am hoping to make a series of these memoir books, as what life I have left here on earth will permit. In these next books I will try to add all of my students, along with friends and teachers.

I have always had a love for magic, but as my closest friends know, I was a working writer well before my life as a professional Magician, and I will be releasing some of my other books on other subjects other than magic also.

I am hoping that this offering of street memoirs will lure more readers to my other works on the various other subjects I was more known for before my entry into the magic scene as a Street Magic writer.