Saturday, November 19, 2022


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You may have heard about my fund raiser for my van.

Well, we are half way there, I'm almost out of the hole, please don't forget me. I want to thank everyone so far that has helped me out. I have been able to get medical attention, pay off outstanding bills  and pay off most of the old wrecked van. I just need to pay off the remainder of the old van and go shopping for a new used van.

I'm hoping for this soon, I want to be able to travel again to good spots and get my family back up on our feet.


A Little Bit About Bean Bags, and dog chew toys.


Do you want less head aches on the pitch? Tired of chasing sponges blowing in the wind or balls rolling off the table down the street? Or any other hazards?

Use magic props that work on the street. Things that you can control in all weather conditions and terrain.

I use bean bags instead of sponge balls or the crochet balls that come with the cups and balls.

When you drop a bean bag on the table it makes a dead stop, and all the wind in the world is not going to make it blow off the table.

And the best part, the bean bags are easier to get than magic props, you'll never have to rely on a magic shop order again.

Here they are in action.

I make my own for the cups with red canvas and steel bbs.

I also use larger ones instead of sponge balls. These are footbags or hackysacks called Mighty Mites because they are a lot smaller than a standard size footbag.

You can find THESE HERE or other places around the net.

They compress and handle like sponge balls but fall with a dead stop and have steel bbs so the wind wont blow them. And they are much more durable for the street.

Here they are in action.

Here they are on the street used in a completely different way for a completely different routine.

They can also be used like sponge balls and put in the hands of the spectators, while still using the same techniques for multiplying or transformations or color changes.

Which brings us to tennis balls and squeaking dog chew toys. When you bounce these on a crack or a pebble they don’t shoot off, out of control, like a hard rubber ball.

They make them in all different sizes. I prefer small and extra small for easy palming, CHECK THEM OUT HERE.

You can buy these at any pets store.

I put a quarter and a golf ball there to give you a little scale. The small one is less than 2” same size as a golf ball. I have done billard ball routines with these because of their bright color perfect size and if I drop one, I can recover on the bounce coming right back to me, instead of shooting off down the street out of control.

Your Pal.

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