Saturday, March 1, 2008


The best part of street performing for me is that I am free from regulation by a paying boss.

That's why I prefer working public streets instead of a place that demands insurance, queuing up by lottery, venue directors, schedules and time limits for pitches etc. etc. etc. you know like California.

I prefer crashing festivals instead of going through all the proper channels,

Because proper channels means receiving more nagging and regulations. It also means less time to enjoy what I’m doing and worst of all less opportunity to make more money.

With all that said there has been quite a few times that I hafta bite the bullet and go through these channels to get a special opportunity to get big money.

But my life has been spent looking for ways around this and I feel it has been time well spent.

Uptight people irritate me to my bones, they make my skin crawl, so I will go the distance to frustrate their efforts.

Little brings me more joy then watching an uptight freak tremble with frustration with tears welling up in his eyes, because he can do nothing about me, because he can't figure out a way to ruin the fun for my audience, and finally because people have seen him for what he really is.

It's the little things that make life pleasant.

I believe the street is the last hold out, the final trace of the free market that our grandparents enjoyed way back in the way back.

Before the government started deciding "what's best for us" and "making huge restrictions on us for our own good."

Before giant corporations started stamping out the little guys so they could get every last little bit and to protect their interests in the guise of protecting the "interests of the consumer."

We can thank "big government" and "big business" equally for all the wonder and awe that is the American regulation system. It truly is a massive and useless thing.

As Buskers we are the little viruses chipping away at it little by little.

I’m proud of that.