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The Elusive Him. And Our Mysterious Craft.
A Sidewalk Magician's Character And Show Construction Manual.

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Released In Manual Form $25 -plus shipping and handling.


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Who is The Elusive Him?
He is the Character of your show who lives inside of you and your show, and he is just waiting to be discovered by you and the public.

What is Our Mysterious Craft?
It is how Magicians throughout time have constructed their Shows, their Magic, and their Stories.

In my opinion, this book, The Elusive Him is the most important book I have ever written.

When a beginner first goes out he is inundated with complex problems hitting him all at once and he is left trying to rush and catch up with the pros, he is forced to figure out the secret to success on his own. This book hands it to him in a simple and direct manner and cuts his time in half by giving him the understanding of the physical and tangible animal he is trying to hunt. With this obstacle out of his way, all the performer has to do is work on his art and make money while he learns.

This book truly holds The Sidewalk Magician's most powerful secrets.
This info won't be found in the instructions of a magic trick. The pros you meet out there generally don't have the time or resources to sit you down and explain this secret to you. In fact all the long time pros are familiar with this specialized craft and structure, if not sometimes only instinctually in practice, but sometimes they aren't really sure what it is themselves, or how to explain it to someone without any experience. This is what has kept it a secret for so long. So I'm putting this book out for pros and beginners in the hopes that it will not only bring up the quality of shows out on the street, but that it will save my fellow buskers some valuable time and undue suffering so they can start earning a living quicker while they learn our fine art.

The reader here may have already clicked on the preview link and noticed that the preview is a little shorter than they may have wanted, this is for two reasons. This book has no fluff or filler, it is a direct and very extensive breakdown of how show and character work. And I feel the information should only go to the serious buyer who really needs it.

My first book To Lure With Spectacle was a basic manual covering how to street perform, the world of street performers, and how to live the life of a real sidewalk magician.

My 2011 Study Guide was a companion to my first book.

This book, The Elusive Him, focuses on the Magician's Character and his Magic Show.

8.5" x 11"
Card stock, front and back covers.
Triple stapled and bound with black tape.
30 black and white pages front and back.
All Laser printed.
About the author photo, black and white.