Wednesday, February 13, 2008


heres some things that street performers know universally about how one should behave.

these are NOT rules and are bickered about constantly they are sort of like guide lines sort of

1. don't touch another performers stuff unless you ask.

2. the first person on the spot has a right to be there.

3. don't ask some one to watch your rig unless there is a strong established relationship....or this could end bad.

4. never leave your rig anywhere it should be by your side.

5. don't set right on top of some one especially if the are doing something similar eg. performance.

6.if your sharing a spot don't hog turns you get one turn make it good.

7.if your on a big pitch and the acts are 45mins and yours is 15-20 mins ask if you can go twice on your turn to get equal time.

there's a bunch more keep your eyes and ears open for em.