Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Cellini said;

“ I don’t know why the artist stays in the U.S., there is nothing here for him.” “ you have to stand on your head and spit nickels to get people to watch you!”

Needless to say I have definitely learned to dance like a monkey and stand on my head and spit nickels.

I am an American sidewalk performer.

But the point that Cellini made is true. EUROPE IS HEAVEN.

I remember my first experience in Europe, I was in Barcelona with 5 bucks in my pocket never been to Europe before. I stuck my bank card in the machine and it ate it…..I was in trouble.

It was getting late so went out to the sidewalk on Las Ramblas with my bag of belongings….I was terrified.

I banged my stick on the crowd and started digging in my bag for my rig I looked up and there was @ 50 people waiting, perfect edge. I started rushing thinking they were gonna leave….I’m an American [it’s hard to stop em here in the U.S.].

I did my show and made well over a hundred 12 min act, more then I had ever made at that time in my career and got a hotel.

a lot of my friends come here from Europe and they all ask the same thing;

“why do the people walk by disinterested?”

And I tell em the Americans are all Homer Simpson, they don’t know what we are doing.

It’s not just Europe that’s an easy place to work it’s a lot of places outside of the U.S.