Monday, March 25, 2013


usually when I get a heckle, I look at the guy and tell him, "I know what i'm doin....i'm not stupid!"

if he persists I just begin agreeing with him and start relating to him using very backward reasoning until he realizes what he has gottin himself into.

which of course, is that it has become a 2 man clown act and I have made him the leader and my new inspiration.

this leaves him trying to figure a way out of the mess and give me back the show as quick as he can.

sometimes they are really smart and will become submissive to my childish commands.....sort of like when the whole village pretends that the village idiot is the mayor or head of town council or chief of police.

one time this didn't work, because I was dealing with a serious bubba redneck in new Orleans who out stupided me and was relating to me as a peer.

this scared me, because I realized he was a real idiot and had a natural unlimited arsenal of god given material over me.

so, I became submissive, to show him I respected him as an authority.

I let him say his peace, I waited for the audience to settled down, then I waited till he was looking around wondering why everyone had been laughing.......

then I noticed his powers were weak, because he was thinking.

seeing he was vulnerable like the last crippled deer running behind the herd , i pounced like a wild cat!

looking very frustrated, I said,

"LOOK! there's only room for one idiot on this corner...and that's ME! you need to go down the way and find your own!"

he said, "ok"

after he walked down the way (looking for a corner I guess), I had to wait for the audience to settle down again before I could finish the show.