Friday, July 9, 2010


here's how to build an large crowd instantly and have them rush forward all at once into a tight edge.

do a large flashy effect with a lot of energy and noise, suitable for a stage or stadium setting.

repeat this or short routine.

that will get instant crowd.

throw a small object on the ground, one that is a suitable prop for a close up routine. eg. a coin, small crochet ball, thimble etc.

take at least a minute to to talk up the prop and how amazing the trick is that it does.

then tell the people WITH OUT ASKING that if they want to see the trick they will have to come in closer because the object is to small to see from far away.

then wave them in as you look at the object never looking up till the crowd is up to the line.

if done properly they will all rush in very very tight.

if your using a table for a cups n balls show-

the original method was warpos pitch method and was done from a table.

he would do the silk vanish to stop em far away and then tell everyone how amazing the deck was and that if they wanted to see it they would have to come up to the table to see it.

he would put his head down and stare at the deck and wave them in with out looking up until the table was surrounded and then he would begin his pitch.

the thing is i am always asked what if i wanna do close up on the street, how do i get em to stop emediatly and come in where they can see it.

i believe this method is a strong answer to that question.

when doing table walk around you constantly have to break the ice at every table....i've always hated that. i like to spend my time performing not convincing and ushering.

it's just what has worked for me.

it works like this.

your sitting on the couch and a trailer for a movie comes on and you decided if you wanna go see the movie, if it looks good you go to all the trouble to go see it.

what i'm doing is no different, i throw a trailer out there, infact i tell em, "i'm gonna do some tricks first that way you can see if i'm any good if you even wanna watch it."

i have often watched street performers throw a coin on the ground and try and stop people one at a time, "hey do me a favor and watch what this coin is gonna do."

i think this is the worst thing....asking some one to do you a favor, when your the one who is doing them a favor!

those hostages don't stick to the edge, they are always looking for a way out, after all they did you a favor watching the first trick, and if you were any good every one would wanna watch with out having to be asked...right?

anyway i hope y'all get the drift.

showing them a stage or parlor trick from far away where they don't hafta commit and can judge for themselves, i think is the best way to build repore instantly.

after you have repore, throw your favorite close up prop on the ground or table and tell em if they wanna see what it's gonna do they gotta move forward, "CUZ I'M NOT DOIN IT AGAIN!"

never ask some one if they wanna see a trick. a doctor doesn't ask if he can save your life....unless he is known for botching.

"this guy is good did you see the first tricks he did?"

"yeah and he don't care if we watch it or not, he said he's gonna do it anyway, for the people who wanna have fun."

"i wanna have fun"

"ha ha, look he's making fun of the fun haters who wont stop and watch"

"man he doesn't care, i never knew a sidewalk could be fun and safe enough to watch a show...."

watch me use the method in this mini documentry.

looking at many other videos of me and my friends you can see the same method.