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Update On The Blog, The Products, And Me.

Whelp, as you can see I finished my latest work, The Elusive Him.

When I started out last month planning out my new book, I had thought I would just write one big book, but I thought it might be better to break up all the subjects up and go into a more in depth look at each one, and sell them off that way.

I figured this would give the worker an opportunity to shop the catalog that I am building and to better focus in on where they are at, as they go along.

Or to simply work on something they may want to improve.

So far in the catalog have;

To Lure With Spectacle- a full run down on busking and the busking world.

The Jimmy Study Guide- a companion guide to To Lure With Spectacle.

The Elusive Him, And Our Mysterious Craft. a manual on Character and Show construction.

And the next book out, will be on working locally full time to support a family in one's home town and the venues to look for to do that.

Along with the print versions I'm trying to get all of these up for sale as PDF downloads also, so be looking for that too.

I am also planning to do podcasts.

In August I am still planning to go the international competition in Saint Wendal again.

Well that's it for now. I'll try and keep this page updated so you know what's going on thanks.

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